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Several Announcements in One

Hello, friends! I've been sitting on this information for months, and now I can speak freely! It's as if an intimidatingly gruff mobster removed a bad-tasting gag from my mouth and grunted, "The boss sez you can talk now, bub."!

Announcement One: Film Option. Thoughts: in truth, I feel like it's all some ludicrous conspiracy that Jane Startz (who produced Ella Enchanted) has read my work at all, but here we are. Holy shit I am a lucky creature.

Announcement Two: Next Novels. Noteworthy, my May 2017 book, is an interesting animal, and I cannot wait for it to be uncaged so it can roam free in bookstores near you. It is about a girl who attends the Kensington-Blaine Academy for the Performing Arts, which is roughly as pretentious as it sounds. She is a theater student, but she is an Alto 2, so she gets shut out of the musical for three years straight. Desperate to prove herself, she decides to cross-dress as a boy and infiltrate Kensington's elite all-male a cappella group, the Sharpshooters.

Noteworthy is approx. 1/3 slapstick comedy, 1/3 hideous music puns, and 1/3 explorations of toxic masculinity and performative femininity. The heroine is a stressed-out overachiever and is about 200% Slytherin. As someone who spent 90% of her time singing a cappella in college, I am totally psyched to force a cappella culture even farther down the throats of the teething masses.

2018 book has no title or concept yet. Soon, though; soon.

Announcement Three: Noteworthy OST. Because of copyright laws, I cannot use artists' songs or lyrics in Noteworthy. So I decided to write my own songs for it. I'll be releasing a Noteworthy OST song by song, to be completed by the time the novel comes out. The first song, "After All," is under the 'music' section of my homepage, and also at my Bandcamp.

Announcement Four: This Website, Also Mailing List. Let me keep you posted about stuff. Hit up the mailing list at the bottom of this page. You'll be the first to know about everything that matters. I'll include a shark photo with every update! How's that for an incentive that would work on me but has no value for most other people. Oh yes.

Announcement Five: Sharks.




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